Did You Say Something?

In a world where visual information is being constantly bombarded at us, it is nice when engineers take the time to develop something for our ears.   Apple has some really nice audio cues and prompts.

Hands On The Wheel Please

Apple’s Watch has gained many fans. It does a lot more than tell time. Making phone calls, walkie-talkie mode, texting, paying for things, playing music, exercise tracking, directions, it really is an amazing piece of technology. One of the lesser known capabilities can be found when the Apple Watch is giving you directions while driving. When you come to a turn, it will indicate which direction to go by a series of pitches. A right turn is represented by a series of repeating low to high pitches, while a left turn uses high to low repeating pitches. This is a terrific example of engineers thinking outside the box, and looking out for distracted drivers. Now you don’t have to look at your map to know which way to turn…just listen!

Stand Up

The Apple Watch also provides audio prompts for you to get up and move around every hour.  This is great for those of us who sit at computers all day.

Umm Dude Your Battery Is Dying

Another area where audio cues can be quite helpful is when using a computer. When your Bluetooth device is getting low on its battery power, an audio cue of descending pitches…clearly tells the user that something is dying.

Attention To Detail

Apple’s attention to detail makes the Apple Watch a pleasure to use. Coming this fall, Apple Watch will add support for native sleep tracking with watchOS 7, tying it together with new features like Wind Down on iPhone and iOS 14.